Lovers of all things green will have the chance to show their talents again this year, when the National Conservation Commission (NCC) hosts the 5th Annual Arbor Day Expo in Queen’s Park.

Trees: The Circle of Life will be the overarching theme for Arbor Day, which will be celebrated on Thursday, September 22, as the planting of trees and promotion of their preservation remains in focus.?? The Expo, which will be held that Saturday, September 24, will feature workshops, plant sales, tree giveaways and display booths highlighting environmental products and services.??

The NCC has issued an open invitation to community, church and school groups; government departments; non-governmental organisations, entrepreneurs and other entities with an interest in the environment, or whose core business includes the provision of products or services that are derivatives of trees, to participate as exhibitors and offer their products for sale.

To register, interested persons may contact Ricardo Marshall at 425-1200/1202 or 1212, or visit for registration forms, which may be submitted to the NCC Head Office, Codrington House, St. Michael. The deadline for registration is Thursday, June 30.

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