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The Ministry of the Public Service has advised that any public officer who has a grievance arising out of the Public Service (Appointments) Act 2020, should immediately fill out the electronic form and submit it to that ministry.

To access the form, persons can click on the link: https://barbados.seamlessdocs.com/f/appointmentredress.

In addition to filling out the relevant fields on the form, the officer should outline his or her relevant acting assignments over the years and make a written representation to the Governor General.

The form must be submitted to the Ministry of the Public Service, which will have responsibility for transmitting it to the Governor General, as well as communicating her response to the public officer.

The Public Service (Appointments) Act 2020, states: “Where an officer to whom section 4 or section 5 refers is prejudiced by the operation of either section, in respect of an appointment to an office by virtue of the provisions of either section, the Governor General may appoint the officer to an office, the appointment of which results in the remedying of the prejudice.”


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