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The Ministry of Health and Wellness has provided some guidance to health care providers on the management of allergic reactions associated with the COVID-19 vaccine.

Health care providers should note that:

  • The second dose of the vaccine is not advised for any person who has had an anaphylactic reaction to the vaccine. For example, angioedema/cardiovascular manifestations;
  • Lower order allergic reactions, once treated successfully, can be followed by a second dose of the same vaccine in a managed situation where resuscitation can be offered if required. For example, in a health facility;
  • Health care providers should aim to prevent the premedication of a ‘person with allergies’ with steroids/antihistamines which could blunt the immune response to the vaccine or delay the allergic reaction, until the person is away from the healthcare facility; and
  • They should ensure the standard practice of observing ‘persons with allergies’ for approximately 30 minutes or more after administration of the vaccine.

The Ministry further advises health care providers to report side effects experienced by individuals after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine by clicking this link.

Additionally, members of the public are asked not to take steroids or antihistamines, prior to receiving the COVID-19 vaccine as this can affect the immune response to the vaccine.  

Persons are also reminded to report any side effects experienced after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine at this link.

Ministry of Health and Wellness

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