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Persons wishing to import a cat or dog into Barbados are asked to note the conditions for receiving a permit.

Veterinary Officer in the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security, Vicki Aimey, explained that persons must acquire both an import permit and an export health certificate, in order to bring a cat or dog into Barbados.

The import permit must be obtained from the Veterinary Services Department, located at the Pine, St. Michael. Once completed and approved, the permit is valid for six months from the date of issue.  Application forms may be completed online.

The export health certificate is referred to as an Official Export Health Certificate 1, which is a document signed and stamped by the Official Veterinary Services of the country of origin, and must be completed in English.  This form may be obtained by emailing vetservices@agriculture.gov.bb.

The rules governing the importation of cats and dogs into Barbados allows pets to enter the island from all countries.

The import health requirements will differ depending on the category of country. However, irrespective of the country of origin and its rabies status, all cats and dogs entering Barbados must be permanently identified with a microchip and must be vaccinated against rabies after microchip implantation.

Persons are asked to note that all pets must clear customs and veterinary checks upon arrival, and they will need to employ the services of a customs broker to facilitate customs clearance. According to the Animal (Diseases and Importation Control) Regulations CAP. 253, Section 5, the airline must issue a “Pre-Alert” notifying the relevant parties in Barbados of the pets on board the aircraft.

For further information on the conditions for the importation of a cat or dog into Barbados, persons may call the Veterinary Services Department at 535-0220 or 535-0221 or email vetservices@agriculture.gov.bb.  Download the Guidelines for Importation of Cats or Dogs Into Barbados here


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