An instructor demonstrates the RealRyder?? bicycle at Little League Gym.??

Little League Gym, which recently introduced the RealRyder?? bicycle to its patrons, has been praised for its contribution to healthcare and fitness.

Minister of Health, Donville Inniss, in a statement to launch the new indoor cycling system yesterday said his Ministry "fully endorses the creativity of Little League Gym".??

He added: "The success of the gym, over the years, and its ability to pursue innovative training programmes is highly commended. We support gyms as a way of communities and individuals obtaining healthier lifestyles, hence containing our health care costs, whilst ensuring that our people live a higher quality of life."

Meanwhile, Managing Director of Little League Gym, William Beckles, in describing the benefits of the 11 bikes, explained that the Gym had started the process by certifying instructors from across Barbados "to take participants through the correct paces".

He said: "The Little League Gym was pleased to host Lead Master Trainer, Adam Reid of RealRyder?? International, as he conducted workshops which led to 14 instructors receiving their certification. The first??sessions were well received, as Mr. Reid made them very interesting and we are definitely looking to the future where classes will be held outdoors."

The RealRyder?? indoor cycling system simulates the movement of a regular bicycle while giving user the feeling of riding outdoors, hence the individual gets a more comprehensive, functional total body workout.

The Little League Gym, located at Barracks Road, Bank Hall, St. Michael is the second gym to introduce the RealRyder?? indoor cycling system.


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