With the temporary closure of the Wildey Gymnasium approaching, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth is ensuring that all necessary arrangements are made to facilitate a smooth transition.

According to the Minister with responsibility for Sports, Stephen Lashley, the Ministry is in ???ongoing discussions??? with all stakeholders and parties affected by the temporary closure of the Gymnasium.

Speaking to members of the media after the opening ceremony for the Royal Commonwealth Society???s 30th Anniversary Baton Relay Celebration, at the Barbados Olympic Association in Wildey, St. Michael, the Sports Minister noted that his Ministry acknowledged the importance of consulting with all who will be affected by the Gymnasium???s closure.

???The management of the Gymnasium is very busy looking at alternative arrangements to ensure that the events that would normally be held there will be held at different locations. One of the places they???re looking at is Kensington Oval,??? he reported.??While acknowledging that the temporary closure could impact workers, the Minister assured that his Ministry would consult with the relevant union representatives.

???The closure of the Gymnasium will of course require discussions with the union, and the management will shortly be having those discussions to ensure that together, we can come up with an arrangement that meets the satisfaction of all the parties involved,??? he affirmed.??

Renovations to the Wildey Gymnasium are scheduled to begin in April 2016 and are expected to be completed by May 2017.


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