As policy makers, the public sector, private sector and non-governmental organisations must find new and innovative ways to provide affordable housing solutions to Barbadians.

This from Minister of Housing, Denis Kellman as he gave remarks at the official launch of the National Stakeholders Consultation for Habitat III, this morning at the Accra Beach Spa and Resort.

Habitat III is a major United Nations (UN) global summit on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development.

The UN has called the conference to reinvigorate the global political commitment to the sustainable development of towns, cities and other urban areas. The product of that reinvigoration, along with pledges and new obligations, is being referred to as the New Urban Agenda.

Stating that this was not the first time Barbados has journeyed down this path, Minister Kellman noted that under Habitat II, which took place some 20 years ago, a plan of action was introduced to achieve the goal of sustainable human settlements and development on the island. He also outlined some of the possible additions to be placed into the plan of action for Habitat III.

???We are cognisant of the scarcity of land and of the increasing population within the country??? Programmes envisaged are those which provide empowerment to recipients of the service through home ownership and property ownership. Programmes inclusive of the Tenantries Scheme which seek to provide security of tenure and the National Housing Corporation???s Transfer of Title for Terrace Units,??? listed Minister Kellman.??

Habitat III will be held in Quito, Ecuador, in mid-October 2016.

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