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The Barbados Water Authority advises residents and businesses that the Hampton Pumping Station will go offline this Friday, March 6, between 2:00 and 8:00 p.m., to facilitate the changing of a well pump. 

As a result, customers in parts of Christ Church and St. Philip may experience low water pressure or outages.

The areas in Christ Church are: Charnocks, Pilgrim Road, Durants, Kingsland, Lodge Road, Newton, Lowlands, Balls, Kendal Hill, Hopefield, Wotton, Church Hill, Southern Heights, Callenders, Parish Land, Montrose, Silver Hill, Gibbons, Providence, Vauxhall, Seawell, Lodge Road, Maxwell Hill, Coverley, Fairview, Gall Hill, Harmony Lodge, Water Street, Ealing Park, Ealing Grove, Atlantic Shores, Enterprise, Chancery Lane, Inch Marlow, Silver Sands, Round Rock, Goodland, Green Garden, Hopewell, Carters Gap, Fairy Valley, Wilcox, and surrounding districts.

In St. Philip, the districts are: Oldbury, Rock Hall, Harlington, Greenpoint, Ocean City, St. Martins, Foul Bay, Harmony Lodge, Heddings, St. Martins, Rices, Gemswick, Bequest, Long Bay Village, Cave Land, Seaview, Work Hall, Apple Hall, Lynches, Merricks, Eastbourne, Crane Park, Belair, Diamond Valley, Kirtons, Mangrove, Windward Gardens, Harry Smith, Well House, Bottom Bay, Atlantic Park, and surrounding areas.

Customers are asked to store an adequate supply of water for the duration of the shutdown and water tankers will be dispatched to assist the affected areas.

The Barbados Water Authority regrets any inconvenience which may be caused. 

Barbados Water Authority

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