Harrison College’s debating team emerged victorious at the conclusion of the National Council for Science and Technology’s (NCST) 2011 Science Lecture Series and Debating Competition, last Wednesday at the Grand Salle, Tom Adams Financial Centre.

The moot in debate on the final day of the series was ???In view of the diminishing fish stock levels, fuelled by an ever-increasing demand for fish and fish products, aquaculture represents a viable alternative for captured fisheries in Barbados’.??

The Harrison College team, which comprised Nicholas Carryl as leader, Ikwo Morris as seconder and Che Greenidge as examiner, secured the top spot with a score of 152 points. The Combermere School, represented by Danille Jones, Cara Nicholls and Neco Ifill, offered the opposing view and were runners-up with a final tally of 115 points.

Following their victory, Harrison will go on to participate in a week-long Caribbean Youth and Science Forum (CYSF) in Trinidad in August, under the auspices of the National Institute for Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology (NIHERST).??

According to NCST Co-ordinator, Arlene Weekes, the trip will allow students to "not only participate in a debating competition with their regional counterparts, but also have the opportunity to meet scientists, have workshops and visit places of scientific interest."

The CYSF, which began in 1999, sees the participation of hundreds of senior science students from across the region in educational, social and cultural activities, in an effort to develop and encourage the strengthening of science and technology in the Caribbean.


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