COVID-19 update with Head of the Health Communications Team, Ambassador Elizabeth Thompson. (PMO)

Manager of the Isolation Facilities, Dr. Corey Forde, has described Harrison Point as a “world-class facility”.

Dr. Forde made the comments during a press briefing last night, while giving the country an update on the patients at the isolation facilities.

He said he and his team were aiming to continue to provide excellent care to patients and he encouraged Barbadians to continue to support them.

“I encourage all Barbadians to be proud of what you have …. We have a very good, world-class facility. It’s not perfect and I don’t think any place in the globe right now has a perfect facility. But, I think we have a great facility and we have marshalled the troops within this facility to accomplish what we have accomplished within the country,” he stressed.

He noted that several Barbadians who spent time at the St. Lucy facility, on leaving, reached out to render assistance they felt was necessary. He highlighted an instance where a 97-year-old woman donated a microwave to the facility.

“And this is something that I want to continue to encourage Barbadians to do; [know] that you have a role to play.  It is not my facility; it’s not my staff’s facility; it is our facility in country….

 “I’m not here to ask for things …. I think the average Barbadian who has come into the facility has appreciated what they have seen, and if they saw something they thought was a necessity or a need, they have provided that. And that speaks well, I think, for the sort of family nature that there is at the facility,” Dr. Forde stated.

He noted that there were some challenges, but pointed out that a number of things had already been done to rectify them.

Dr. Forde urged Barbadians not to be complacent, and to continue engaging in physical distancing; wear their masks correctly and practise hand hygiene.

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