Display boards indicating??Harrison’s Cave’s green initiatives. (C.Pitt/BGIS)??

The Caves of Barbados is playing its part in being an environmental steward and has implemented a number of green initiatives in its day-to-day operations.

Speaking during a recent Harrison’s Cave by Night Vintage Kaiso Summer Lime, Chief Executive Officer, Joe-Ann Grant, said a number of initiatives and green technology were implemented and installed following the Cave’s redevelopment.

"We have done water harvesting. What we have done is that we have a series of tanks on property to collect rain water from various points. We use that rain water for flushing and for irrigation of the property," she said.

In addition, the Cave is also using photovoltaic technology to produce at least 30 per cent of the electricity needed to power the entire plant. "We also look at other initiatives such as low impact lighting around the property.

"Our trams are battery operated and this reduces the use of fossil fuels. We also have waste water technology and there are also two waste water plants on the site to treat the affluent that we have and recycle it," Mrs. Grant said.

She added that the Cave’s reception centre was also energy efficient and

built in a way that avoided a reliance on air conditioning to cool the building.

Mrs. Grant explained the Cave had a green team which was responsible for executing the green initiatives. She noted that the team would take various products such as cardboard boxes and separate them and return them to one of the recycling plants.

"This aids in taking away refuse from our landfill," the Chief Executive Officer said, adding that guests and staff were also encouraged to reuse and recycle products.


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