Harrison’s Cave??display lobby. (C.Pitt/BGIS)??

Harrison’s Cave is moving towards establishing itself as a multipurpose facility.

This was revealed by Chief Executive Officer of Caves of Barbados, Joe-Ann Grant, during a recent Harrison’s Cave by Night Summer Lime at the Welchman Hall, St. Thomas facility.

Management is looking to attract events such as weddings, receptions, parties-especially those for children – small intimate meetings and limes.

To date, Mrs. Grant explained, the Cave has done the Summer Limes and events for Halloween over recent years. "We are considering that again this year, and we may consider doing something at Christmas and keeping these things firmly on the calendar going forward," she said.

She added that the Cave received "rave reviews" for events held so far, and it was hoped that it would mature into a multipurpose facility in the future.

Mrs. Grant explained the Harrison’s Cave by Night Summer Lime was an initiative by the Cave to encourage people to come out and enjoy the facilities during the night.

Hundreds turned out to the recent lime and used the opportunity to either socialise or have a tour of the Cave. In addition, they were also treated to live performances by the Mighty Gabby and Grynner.

She pointed out that while the experience of the Cave tour by day or night was the same, there was an extra ambiance to visiting the facility at night. "It is an excellent venue for events," she stated, nothing that there was interest from people who wanted to use the facilities as an event venue.

These young patrons are??captivated by the interactive displays. (C.Pitt/BGIS)??

However, while attention is being paid to developing Harrison’s Cave as a multipurpose facility, Mrs. Grant emphasised that it would still primarily be known for its tours.

In addition to its regular tours, the Cave launched the Gully Tour in June during Environment Month. That tour is aimed at educating locals and guests about the importance of gullies to the livelihood of Barbados, and is geared towards the general public and school children.

The CEO further noted that there was also a Bat Programme targeted at children between the ages of seven and 11, which was designed to dispel any myths they may have about bats. "We let them know how important bats are to the environment and introduce them to bat facts," she said.

The Walk-In Cave tour allows patrons to walk along the tram route on foot. Mrs. Grant said this tour was tailored to accommodate everyone from the baby in arms, to the physically challenged and the elderly, adding that the aim was to attract a general audience.

The Cave is also offering a Technical Tour which allows visitors to visit all aspects of the Cave’s operations. "On this tour you are exposed to, and given information regarding the [photovoltaic] technology and how it works, information regarding the two sewage treatment plants, and information regarding all the features that we incorporated to reduce the use of energy," Mrs. Grant noted.

In addition, the Eco-Adventure Tour launched last year allows those who love adventure and a little risk to enjoy three hours of hiking.


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