Members of the public are invited to learn more about earthquakes and tsunamis, by visiting the display mounted by the Department of Emergency Management (DEM) at Agrofest, from Friday, February 27, until Sunday, March 1, in Queen???s Park.

Visitors to the DEM booth can participate in a hazard awareness game, and answer questions to see how much they know about the hazards affecting Barbados.

In addition, there will also be literature and other promotional activities for members of the public on earthquakes and tsunamis.

Officials at the DEM, which is the co-chair of the Technical Standing Committee on Coastal Hazards, will also engage members of the public in an interactive game, as they prepare to launch Hazard Awareness Month, which runs from Sunday, March 1, until Tuesday, March 31.??

The theme for the month of activities is Come on, Barbados; let???s team up and combat the impact of coastal hazards.

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