Jadyn Gill of Form 4.1 presenting a ‘welcome back’ gift basket to form teacher, Dario McCollin. (GP)

The first day back at school for fourth formers at Harrison College (HC) was marked by a surprise welcome treat they gave to their Form teachers.

The students, who were among those in the second phase of the ‘return to school’, on Monday, February 28, welcomed the teachers back in “warm fashion”.

Thanking them for the hard work put in over the past two years, teaching and guiding them through various exercises on the online platform, six students presented them with gift baskets.

Year Head for the Fourth Forms, Gloria A. Haynes, noting that the tribute was the brainchild of parents, said: “Given that students had not met their form teachers physically for the academic year 2021-2022, the parents agreed to present them with ‘Welcome Back’ gift baskets on the Fourth Years’ return to the school plant.”

Each class made a contribution and the students were randomly selected to do the presentations.  Stating that it somehow turned out that six males made the presentations, she said this was just the luck of the draw and there was no discrimination intended.

“The joint effort between parents and students paid dividends with the teachers being truly surprised by the gesture,” Mrs. Haynes added.  

Further explaining the origins of the tribute, the English teacher said: “Coming out of their recent Gender Prayers session ‘Man Up’, the boys were encouraged to ‘take the lead’ and we, as teachers, were not surprised that they rose to the occasion.”

Each presentation by a student comprised a brief “Thank You” speech on behalf of students in each of the six fourth forms and a round of applause by peers, who also cheered on the teachers and wished them the best for the remainder of the school term and the academic year, as a whole.


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