Everyone attending the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) Twenty20 at Kensington Oval will be doing so in comfort and in a safe and healthy environment.

This was emphasised recently by Senior Medical Officer of Health (South) Dr. Elizabeth Ferdinand, following a planning assessment meeting.

"We are going to have a main medical station at Kensington Oval, along with four other medical stations in the VIP Lounge, in the Party Stand and in the Players’

Pavilion. We’re going to have ambulances on site and four roving first aid teams in the stands for patrons," she said.

In addition to these services, there will be "a complete, well trained, experienced team of around 40 professionals" who, according to Dr. Ferdinand "have worked in the last World Cup and so I think from the point of view of staff, we are prepared."

Regarding the availability of medical personnel at practice sessions, the Senior Medical Officer of Health pointed out that a first-aid team would be on hand with "a nurse and a first-aider and emergency ambulance on call."

The health official also indicated that in terms of vending of food at the Oval, environmental health officers would be stationed on site to ensure that everything was done "above board".

"We need to have all those food vendors licensed and … they need to be trained. We have an excellent training session which we will be delivering to all of them [ahead of time]. On the day of the events, we will be going around from stall to stall to check on the quality of the food to see how it is being stored.

"Weeks before the event starts, we will also be making sure that there are no rodents or mosquitoes in the venue, or even in or around the hotel where the visitors, teams and officials are going to be staying," Dr. Ferdinand stressed.

In terms of the emergency measures at the various ports of entry, the senior medical health officer explained: "Our usual screening mechanism that we have in place will continue. People from yellow fever endemic countries will have to make sure that they have been vaccinated before they arrive. We will, however, be increasing our surveillance at the ports of entry, also our polyclinics and sentinel sites at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.?? [The] A & E Department will be doing daily reporting of any diseases that we have under surveillance. So, from that point of view, we will be increasing our surveillance activities."

In light of the thousands of fans expected to throng Kensington Oval, the official is warning persons to guard against dehydration and the effects of the sun’s rays. "There’s going to be a lot of partying and people are going to be dehydrated. Outside is going to be sunny and they need to drink plenty of water. Not just alcoholic beverages …because the last time [World Cup 2007] we had a lot of dehydration," she explained.

"The main thing is to be sensible. To drink plenty of water and to come with some protective gear on their heads from the sun to keep from getting burnt," Dr.Ferdinand maintained.

The ICC Twenty20 cricket tournament is slated to start on April 30, with the finals at Kensington Oval on May 16.


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