Dengue statistics up to December 15, 2012 reflect a decline in cases.

According to the Ministry of Health, over the four-week period leading up to December 15, last year, there were 43 confirmed cases of dengue, compared to 68 in the four weeks leading up to November 17.

A total of 391 confirmed cases were recorded up to December 15, and 1,381 suspected cases were sent to the lab for testing.?? During the same period in 2011, a total of 200 confirmed cases were recorded and 786 suspected cases were sent for testing.

Despite the recent decline in confirmed cases, there has been significant rainfall in the past month and officials are reminding householders to check their premises for possible mosquito breeding sites and either dispose of, or cover water containers, such as buckets, small plastic containers and drums.

It was stated that vector control, including source reduction and chemical control, will remain the principal strategy in the prevention of dengue. Environmental Health Officers and Assistants will continue to inspect premises, investigate mosquito complaints and maintain surveillance at sites, including ports of entry, wetlands, tyre shops and nurseries.??

Public health education activities are also being used to minimise dengue cases.


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