The Ministry of Health has advised persons travelling to areas endemic for yellow fever that they will need the yellow fever vaccine prior to travel.

The Ministry is closely monitoring the situation in Brazil where there is currently an outbreak, as well as probable cases in Colombia and Peru pending confirmatory testing.

Travellers are advised to contact the Winston Scott Polyclinic at 227-7725 at least six weeks prior to travel or as soon as travel arrangements are known to make arrangements to receive the vaccine.

The Winston Scott Polyclinic is the only facility in Barbados that is approved to administer the yellow fever vaccine and from which a valid international certificate of vaccination may be issued.

Endemic areas include Central and Sub-Saharan Africa and some countries in South and Central America. Persons who will be visiting forested areas of Guyana are also advised to arrange to be vaccinated against yellow fever prior to travelling.

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A valid yellow fever vaccine certificate is also required from persons one year of age or older arriving in Barbados from countries where yellow fever is endemic.

The yellow fever vaccination gives lifetime immunity and therefore, persons who have been vaccinated in the past and are in possession of their yellow fever certificate will not need to be vaccinated a second time. Persons are advised to consult with their doctor for additional information.

The Ministry of Health thanks the public for its cooperation in this matter.

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