The Ministry of Health has reminded persons travelling to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, to obtain the requisite immunisations and follow hygiene precautions in order to stay healthy.

Persons are advised to contact their health care provider or call the Winston Scott Polyclinic at 227-7700 to make arrangements for polio and yellow fever vaccinations.?? Proof of meningococcal vaccination is also required for entry into that country.

The Ministry of Health has recommended that persons who are visiting Mecca only drink water that was boiled for at least three to four minutes.??Other safe beverages include tea or coffee made with boiled or treated water, as well as drinks that have been bottled and sealed, such as bottled water, carbonated drinks and sports drinks.

While there, visitors are also advised not to use ice in drinks, to only eat foods that are thoroughly cooked and still hot, or fruit that they peeled.?? Additionally, they should not eat undercooked or raw fish or shellfish, ensure that all vegetables are cooked, and not consume food or beverages from street vendors. Food, in particular, seafood should not be brought to Barbados.??

Persons should also wash their hands frequently with soap and water or use alcohol-based hand sanitisers.


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