Acting Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Anton Best. (FP)

The Ministry of Health is assuring the public that it is continuing its heightened surveillance on the south coast to prevent any possible risks to public health as a result of the sewage spills in the area.

Acting Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Anton Best, said today: “The Ministry remains on top of the public health concerns and has put several preventative measures in place to make sure that any possible risks to persons living and working in the area are contained.”

As the Barbados Water Authority continues to address the challenges of the sewage spills, environmental health officers assigned to the Ministry are conducting inspections along the south coast to address issues related to sanitation and vector control.

Efforts to control the proliferation of Culex mosquitoes in the area include daily fogging exercises and treating contaminated water with chemical larvicide.

The Ministry has advised residents and business owners who may be experiencing problems with mosquitoes or environmental health issues to contact its officers at the Randal Phillips Polyclinic at 428-3324.

Meanwhile, environmental health officers continue to monitor food handling practices in hotels, restaurants and other food establishments within the affected areas. These officers are working closely with management and workers, especially in the areas of good pest management programmes, and the cleaning and sanitising of work spaces.

Additionally, the Environmental Health Department has increased testing of the potable water supply on the south coast to ensure that it remains safe to drink. Routine sampling of water, along with chlorine residual testing, is conducted weekly to identify any potential hazards or risks.

The nearshore water is also being monitored by the Environmental Protection Department on a continuous basis to ensure that beaches in the area remain safe for recreational use.

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