A call has gone out to stall owners and operators to adhere to proper sanitary practices during Agrofest.

Environmental Health Officer, at the Winston Scott Polyclinic, Peter Lucas, made this plea yesterday, while speaking to sponsors at a site meeting in Queen’s Park.?? He told the various participants that sponsors had a major task on their hands, as they had to make sure this exhibition maintained healthy practices.

"Health is paramount and I am asking all sponsors to ensure that persons working for them are medically certified," Mr. Lucas cautioned.

He pointed out that those sponsors interested in operating a stall could apply for a temporary restaurant license through the Winston Scott Polyclinic and this had to be done as soon as possible, since the deadline would soon be in effect.

"We are closing applications seven days before Agrofest starts. If you come afterwards, we would not adhere to your request.?? Therefore, I am imploring that all staff be medically certified, not to mention that food operators be well clad; this means no

armholes, cap sleeves or straps are allowed.?? In addition, make sure that there is adequate heat and ice for all your stalls," the health officer advised.

In describing proper attire, the official reiterated persons would be prohibited from wearing earrings, bangles, bracelets, watches and chains, as well as fake nails, eyelashes and nail polish.

"Sometime ago I had an experience, where, in a serving of macaroni pie, I found a fake nail," he recounted.?? "So please, if help is needed, feel free to call the Polyclinic, and we can meet you at your place of business," the Environmental Health Officer stressed.

Mr. Lucas outlined that throughout Agrofest weekend, health inspectors would police the various booths to make sure persons were complying with the rules.

"Sponsors, talk to your staff about their appearance, make sure your equipment is in good standing, i.e. containers have fitted covers, etc… these are the things that we are looking at," he reiterated.

Agrofest takes place from Friday, February 26, to Sunday, February 28.


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