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As Barbadians faced another day with inconsistent electricity and water supply today, the Vulnerable Persons Committee of the Ministry of People Empowerment and Elder Affairs convened an emergency meeting to assess the needs of vulnerable persons identified on its Vulnerable Persons List.

The Ministry has collaborated with the Barbados Water Authority and the private sector company, Glacial Ice, to make sure that there is an adequate supply of drinking water to the 619 households identified on the list. LED lanterns will also be supplied to these persons.

The vulnerable are categorized as persons with disabilities and the elderly who are living alone with no support mechanism. Social workers go into the field to verify each case.

The Ministry has now established a hotline which will be open to persons who consider themselves vulnerable as well as members of the public who are aware of vulnerable persons.

The hotline will be in operation from tomorrow, Wednesday, November 20 from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. each day and may be reached at telephone number 535-1612.

Each request will be verified by social service agency representatives. The information will then be passed on to the Ministry of People Empowerment and Elder Affairs so that the necessary assistance can be coordinated.


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