A senior National Housing Corporation (NHC) official is refuting the claim that the over 304 homes constructed as part of the Housing Every Last Person (HELP) Programme have already been allocated to potential home owners.

Manager of Customer Services, Walter Maloney, explained that, “hopefully, by this week, we should be going to the board with a list of names for projects in Work Hall and Marchfield, St. Philip and certainly before July, persons should be in receipt of their keys.”

Mr. Maloney also revealed that the NHC was trying to find solutions to meet the needs of its over 30,000 person database. “To try to find solutions for all of these people is going to be problematic, but surely we are going in the right direction. We have started the projects and there are a lot more to come on stream.”

The official explained that the HELP programme began in September 2008 and to date, the 44 houses in Work Hall, ranging in size from 536 – 820 square feet, were approximately 95% completed. He noted that the Marchfield housing project comprises 11 three bedroom houses and 21 two bedroom houses and is 85% completed. 

Homes are also being built in Four Hill and French Village, St. Peter and Constant and Greens in St George. The lot sizes in the HELP programme currently range from 3,000 – 3,500 square feet with a fixed land price of $5.00 per square foot.


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