In an effort to save the Cohobblopot brand, Culture Minister, Stephen Lashley, has again appealed to corporate Barbados to aid in reviving the former Crop Over staple.

Speaking to reporters last Friday at the Crop Over sponsors??? Launch at Ilaro Court, Mr. Lashley made it clear that since last year he made the same plea and there were ???no takers???.

???I have thrown it out there; last year there was no taking of it, and I am throwing it out again this year. Now, I am sure if the National Cultural Foundation (NCF) is approached by private sponsors and private owners that they would be keen to collaborate with them but the thinking is that the NCF cannot produce all the events in Crop Over and there has got to be a measured response from the private sector to take some of these events and run with them. So, we are open to that still…,??? he stressed.

Explaining that the slot once filled by Cohobblopot will now be taken by Monarchs of the Mas, a signature event in recognition of this country???s 50th Anniversary, the Culture Minister disclosed that this particular show will be a combination and a potpourri of what Cohobblopot stood for, as well as other events.

???We will really be bringing that whole experience in terms of the Crop Over Mas feeling and that is really what we will have this year??? This is in effect a new event but it will take on the complexion of a bit of old time Cohobblopot infused with some of the modern parts and facets of Barbados,??? he hinted.

Entertainers Anderson ???Blood??? Armstrong and Terry ???Mexican??? Arthur rounded off the night???s proceedings, performing Peter Ram???s All o??? We.

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