The Housing Every Last Person projects which will provide 248 homes for low income earners will soon be handed over.

This assurance was given by Acting General Manager of the National Housing Corporation, Lanette Napoleon-Young.

According to Ms. Napoleon-Young, ???finishing touches at the sites are being carried out, including the installation of utility poles, lines and roads and the allocation process will be completed shortly???.??

She added that other housing solutions will soon commence, beginning with the launch of the Rent-to-Own pilot project, this weekend.?? ???Following this, there will be others at Stuarts Lodge, Tweedside Road, where we will build terrace units; the zero lot line concept of land utilisation will be utilised at Coverley, Christ Church; quadruplexes will be constructed at Lancaster, St. James; and we will introduce the island-wide 500 lots programme, where lots will be sold at $5 per square foot,??? she revealed.

Ms. Napoleon-Young stated that the Corporation would also be actively pursuing the building of wooden houses to continue to meet the needs of all categories of earners on the waiting list.?? She added that ???the Corporation had identified a number of solutions … that will commence during this financial year and run through to the year 2014, in the first instance???.


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