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The Ministry of Innovation, Science and Smart Technology is partnering with Digilearning, a United Kingdom based non-profit organization, to host three DigiParents workshops next week.

They will be held in the Ministry’s training room, Fourth Floor, Baobab Tower, Warrens, St. Michael, from December 2 to 4, between 5:00 and 7:00 p.m. daily.

Parents of students attending the newer sixth-form schools are especially asked to attend.

DigiParents is an initiative designed to increase the digital literacy of parents raising children in the digital age. Topics to be covered will include What is the Digital World?; Jobs, Opportunities and Skills; and Social Media and Online Safety.

The initiative comprises three components, training parents and care givers; creating a community of support for parents raising children in the digital age; and the evaluation of the initiative through research in partnership with the University of the West Indies.

The training schedule will be divided into two separate sessions for females and males, and a co-ed session. The females-only workshop will take place on Monday, December 2, while the males-only workshop will be held on Tuesday, December 3. The co-ed session for both males and females is on Wednesday, December 4.

Ministry of Innovation, Science and Smart Technology

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