Governance, conflict of interest, and management accountability got the attention recently of Canada’s High Commissioner, David Marshall, and Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office, Senator Maxine McClean.

The occasion was a courtesy call the envoy paid on Minister McClean at Government Headquarters. Mr. Marshall described the meeting as an information sharing exercise, which he said could assist the Minister and her colleagues in executing their duties. 

He shared detailed information with the Minister on Canadian governance and related legislation, the Federal Accountability Act, the role of the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner and the Management Accountability Framework. 

With respect to Senator McClean’s role as chairman of a sub-committee of Cabinet with responsibility for accommodation, the High Commissioner said he could also offer his guidance. He explained that he had gained significant experience in this area as the former Deputy Minister for the Department of Public Works, having dealt with the Canadian government’s accommodation for 250,000 public servants.

Given the recent launch of the Barbados Integrated Government Portal, Mr. Marshall said that this was another area with which he could assist, given his experience in the area of information technology.

Ms. McClean welcomed the High Commissioner’s assistance, noting that a number of the areas he had identified were critical to government’s plans and reflected what it was seeking to do. She added that his input was especially relevant as government had always relied on and continued to use Canada as a benchmark.  

Mr. Marshall also noted that the Chairman of Canada’s Public Accounts Committee, John Williams, and the Secretary of the Treasury Board, Wayne Wouters, would be visiting Barbados later this year and suggested that meetings could also be held with these technocrats.

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