Surfers and swimmers are advised to stay out of the sea; and owners and operators of fishing vessels should remain in port, in light of hazardous weather conditions expected to affect the island over the next few days.

According to Director of the Barbados Meteorological Services, Chester Layne, northerly swells generated by a low-pressure system in the mid-Atlantic, are expected to affect the island’s north and west coasts, well into the middle of the week.

"The swells will produce large breaking waves of 10 to 15 feet, and generate strong and dangerous rip currents within the coastal waters of the island. Surfers and swimmers are urged to stay out of the water until the hazardous conditions subside," the Meteorological Office spokesman explained.

Beachgoers are also directed to look out for large breaking waves surging onto the shore, as these can propel persons into the sea.

Meanwhile, owners and operators of fishing vessels are urged to remain in port, while owners of those ???on the chain’ at moorings should monitor sea conditions closely.

Should sea conditions deteriorate significantly, it is recommended that individuals take their boats to safe harbor, or make arrangements to remove them from the water.

The conditions over the next few days are said to have the potential to produce significant beach erosion along the island’s affected coasts.????

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