(Photo: St. James Parish Independence Committee)

(Photo: St. James Parish Independence Committee)

The St. James Parish Independence Committee will unveil its Holetown Heritage Trail this Sunday, October 16.

Beginning at 4:00 p.m. outside Sandy Crest Medical Centre with a brief ceremony and tour of the trail, participants will view special interest areas where they can stop to gather and investigate information on Holetown and its environs.

The trail will include permanent information boards near Sandy Crest, the Holetown Monument, ‘The Hole’, Trents Playing Field, St James Parish Church and Folkestone Marine Park. The event will include presentations by corporate sponsors and historian Morris Greenidge.

Persons interested in obtaining more information on the Holetown Heritage Trail may call Rhonda Bryan-Hutson at 243-1880; Ade O’Neal at 832-4232; or the Community Independence Celebrations Secretariat at 621-2700.


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