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Here are some tips to help you maintain your nutrition goals during the holidays:

  • Include a variety of nutritious foods in the daily diet and on the holiday menu.

  • Offer more vegetable options, so that each person can fill half their plate with vegetables at mealtime.

  • Use less salt in meal preparation. Flavour meat, fish and other food options with herbs and salt-free seasonings, to help control the amount of salt and sodium added to food.

  • Add less fat and fatty foods like butter, oil, mayonnaise, and cheese when preparing dishes.

  • Remember to trim the skin and visible fat from meat and poultry before it is served.

  • Reduce sugar intake by adding less sugar or syrup when making beverages and desserts.

  • Avoid overeating by storing extra food for later use.

These holiday nutrition tips are provided by the National Nutrition Centre, Ministry of Health and Wellness.

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