Director of the Drainage Division of the Ministry of the Environment, Keith Barrow (FP)??

In the event of heavy rains and drainage issues, the public should know that Government’s Drainage Unit is just a phone call away.

Director of the Drainage Division of the Ministry of the Environment, Keith Barrow, has assured that the Division’s Hotline, which was established over a year ago, will continue to serve members of the public who need to communicate their concerns.

The hotline’s number is 427-1609, while the Drainage Division number is 426-9695.?? For after-hours assistance persons may contact Keith Barrow at 834-0251 or Permanent Secretary Lionel Weekes at 253-3188.

"The hotline is manned from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday. ??If anything occurs outside of those hours, we ask that you call either myself or the Permanent Secretary," he said.

The Director explained that, after a complaint has been lodged via the hotline, the information is passed on to him or a senior well inspector.?? An inspector then visits the site, investigates the complaint and completes a report, which is then filed with Mr. Barrow, who determines the most effective plan of action.????

Stressing that the responsibility of maintaining efficient drainage across the island did not rest solely with the Division, he urged home owners to make decisions which would benefit their families and communities.

"Ensure that you know where your wells and drains are located and be careful not to throw anything into the drains. We have noticed that some households are now connecting their domestic wastewater into the drains, when it should be going to the individual wells and grease traps on their property. Even things like dishwashing liquid can block fissures in storm water wells, then the wells do not drain water as quickly as they should," he pointed out.


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