Members of the Lower House will meet tomorrow, Tuesday, February 1, to consider a number of land and money resolutions.

Minister of Housing, Lands, Urban and Rural Development, Michael Lashley, is expected to table a Resolution to approve the vesting in the National Housing Corporation government land in St. Michael for housing development. This is in accordance with Section Five of the Crown Lands (Vesting and Disposal) Act.Cap.225.

Minister of Transport and Works, John Boyce, will seek to have $34,221,985 from the Consolidated Fund placed at the disposal of the government to supplement the Estimates, 2010-2011, as shown in the Supplementary Estimates No. 8, 2010-2011. He will also propose that the Explanatory Notes to Head 62 be amended as set out in Schedule 11 to the Resolution.

There will also be a Resolution in the name of the Minister of Finance to have approved the guarantee for the payment of the principal and interest in relation to the bond issue of BDS$161,000,000. The sum was issued by the Barbados Agricultural Management Co. Ltd. as a loan from the Barbados National Finance and Trust Corporation to finance the sugar industry.??

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