Parliament will reconvene tomorrow. (FP)

Members of Parliament will meet tomorrow, Tuesday, May 7, following the Easter recess.

Minister of Housing and Lands, Denis Kellman, will move a resolution to acquire a parcel of crown land at Vaucluse, St. Thomas to facilitate the expansion of the Mangrove Pond Landfill for waste disposal. The resolution falls under section 5 of the Land Acquisition Act. Cap. 228.

The Lands Minister will also ask MPs to approve the publication, in the Official Gazette of a notification under section 9 (1) of the Land Acquisition Act. Cap. 228., declaring the abandonment of the compulsory acquisition of land at Vauxhall, Christ Church.

In addition, Attorney General and Minister of Home Affairs, Adriel Brathwaite, will move the First Reading of the Police Complaints Authority (Validation) Bill, 2013.


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