Minister of Housing, Lands, Urban and Rural Development, Michael Lashley as he spoke with 73-year old Dorothy Henry, a resident of Cats Castle, the City.??????She is scheduled to be relocated tomorrow, to a home at Cave Hill, St.Michael.??

Following the addition of the urban and rural development portfolios, Minister of Housing and Lands, Michael Lashley, today toured homes in need of repair, and outlined plans in place to relocate and repair the houses of two elderly persons.

The tour began at the Urban Development Commission (UDC), on Roebuck street, where members of staff were formally introduced to Mr. Lashley and Minister of State, Patrick Todd.

Speaking about the work of the UDC and the Ministry of Housing and Lands, Mr. Lashley identified their "common interests" and said he would be continuing the work of Minister Sinckler, by ensuring that the two entities worked collaboratively to meet the needs of Barbadians. As an example of the partnerships to come, he disclosed that 12 two-bedroom units would soon be built at Haggatt Hall, St. Michael by the UDC and the NHC, utilising small contractors.

Minister of Housing, Lands, Urban and Rural Development, Michael Lashley, Minister of State with responsibility for Urban and Rural Development, Patrick Todd, Officials from the Urban Development Commission, and concerned residents , outside the home of Ms. Henry of Cats Castle the City.

"The units will be built for relocating some residents in the urban corridor and who are living in deplorable conditions; [as well as] applicants to the NHC. It is a small area in terms of density, but it is a start In terms of building that relationship between UDC, RDC and the NHC," Minister Lashley stated.

The touring party also visited Cats Castle, in the City and observed the plight of 73 year-old resident, Dorothy Henry, whose dilapidated conditions were further exacerbated by the recent heavy rains. As a result, she is scheduled to be relocated tomorrow, to a home at Cave Hill, St. Michael.

The officials also visited elderly resident Horace Jones, of Padmore Village, St Philip, whose two-bedroom dwelling was also affected by this week’s inclement. weather. Newly appointed UDC Director, Randolph Outram, stated that within three to four weeks his home would be refurbished.

A visit was also paid to the first starter home and $5 per sq ft project at Woodbourne, St Philip. Acting General Manager of the NHC, Lanette Napoleon-Young, pointed out that initially four two-bedroom houses will be built by the National Housing Corporation at that site.

"We will provide a finished bathroom and bedroom ??and leave other areas of the house for persons to finish as funds become available. This is an effort to capture that group that can borrow between $90,000 and $125,000 in order to purchase the home or who make $3000 or less, "the acting GM said.

Construction will begin next week on the houses at Woodbourne and the area will see approximately another 16 houses being built. ??The group also saw land at Haggatt Hall, St. Michael, where the UDC and the NHC will partner to build 12 units. The touring party included NHC, UDC and Rural Development Commission (RDC) personnel. lbayley@barbados.gov.bb

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