(From right) Minister of Housing and Lands, Michael Lashley; Acting General Manager of the National??Housing Corporation (NHC),??Lanette Napoleon-Young; Acting??Deputy??General Manager (NHC), Garvey Alleyne; and Managing Director??of ADC Building and Maintenance Ltd., Adrian Christie, after touring??the construction site at??Stuart’s??Lodge, Tweedside??Road, St. Michael, today.????

Twenty, two-bedroom units at Stuart’s Lodge, Tweedside Road, St. Michael, are ahead of schedule and should be completed by May, next year.

This was the word from Housing Minister, Michael Lashley, as he toured the construction site today, and gave an update on the ongoing Housing Every Last Person (HELP) programme.

"We haven’t decided whether we will use this as a rent-to-own project or whether we will go to the traditional rental that exists now…?? We will [also] be launching a rent-to-own pilot project in River Crescent in St Philip, where we will be constructing wooden houses," Minister Lashley explained.

Construction at Stuarts Lodge began in June this year and units are being built using traditional block work.?? The development, being carried out by ADC Building and Maintenance Limited is, according to Managing Director, Adrian Christie, four to six weeks ahead of schedule.????

Minister Lashley noted that he was pleased with the standard of work at Tweedside Road and the other HELP sites across the island.?? "We have established a new joint partnership programme with reporting mechanisms, where contractors have to report to the National Housing Corporation weekly. Our technical team will go out and look at the work done and if they are any problems, we will correct them early," he said.

The Minister also revealed that the infilling programme of three units at Sayes Court had been completed and would be added to the housing stock by next week. He also stated that keys for homes at Work Hall and Marchfield in St. Philip would be handed over shortly.?? "I believe that more than 75 per cent of the persons who applied … have also gone through the process of obtaining mortgages and are more than halfway in terms of the legal process," he added.

The Housing Minister also revealed that by January/February 2010, a high rise project at Valerie in Brittons Hill, would be launched and by April next year the four towers at Country Park will be completed. It will provide 56 units consisting of 48-two bedrooms and 8-three-bedroom homes, he disclosed.??


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