A Government Ministry has taken up the challenge to ‘dig deep’ and assist those persons who are affected or infected with the HIV/AIDS virus.

Today, officials from the Ministry of Housing and Lands and the National Housing Corporation handed over one barrel and seven boxes of items to officials at the HIV/AIDS Food Bank located at Jemmotts Lane.

Housing official, Judith Hinds, explained that collections for the food bank drive had initially begun at the beginning of October, however, those efforts had intensified following the Ministry’s activities to mark HIV/AIDS Awareness Week.

Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Housing and Lands, Ann Belgrave, said the effort by staff could be described “as nothing less than tremendous”. She further pledged the assistance of both agencies in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Meanwhile, Monica Lowe-Smith of the National Housing Corporation hinted at plans to participate in a toy drive as well as future donations to the HIV/AIDS Food Bank on World AIDS Day which is commemorated on December 1.

Donations ranged from food items to nutritional supplements which officials at the Ministry of Health noted “were very much needed”.

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