As Barbadians continue to seek to own ???a piece of de rock’, the Ministry of Housing and Lands in its effort to cater to low-income families has partnered with Constituency Councils across the island to sensitise individuals about its various housing initiatives.

Project Officer with the Housing Neighbourhood Upgrading Programme, Moreen Bowen, recently revealed that the Ministry is working with the Councils to spread the word about several of the Ministry’s programmes.

She explained that based on the response to the registration fair for the Incremental Home Construction Programme (IHCP), which was held on Saturday, June 2, at the Ministry’s Country Road headquarters, St. Michael, this type of campaign could become a regular activity for the Ministry of Housing; adding they now had to take it to other parts of the island.

"There has been a call for having the fair done at different spots around the island, especially in the north where we have not had much activity to date.?? We would have done Emerald City, the Warrens area and we would have done the Bridgetown area as well…we are obviously aware that our resources are limited, but we are working continuously with the Constituency Councils… as we know that we might not be able to do it as a stand-alone event," she said.

She added that they had already visited a few of the Councils and had also received several invitations to discuss housing initiatives with various communities.?????????????? Ms. Bowen also expressed some satisfaction at the turnout to the registration fair.

"We had 364 persons who actually came through our doors and attended the fair.?? Out of the 364, 173 actually filled out applications on the day.?? The others just came to gather information and to decide whether the IHCP programme fitted their needs or not.?? I would say that indeed we had a good response."

The Project Officer also reiterated that there was a grant for first time homeowners allocated through Government’s Housing Every Last Person and Starter Homes programmes.

"If you have been allotted a housing solution in the range of $130,000 and this includes house and land, and once the household’s salary is the combined income of $3,250 or less and you have met the criteria, then you could be entitled to a subsidy of up to $10,000 towards the property.?? So, we at the Ministry are taking the message far and wide as we strive to assist Barbadians in fulfilling their dreams," Ms. Bowen said.??


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