The Government of Barbados (GOB)/Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Housing and Neighbourhood Upgrading Project (HNUP) Unit officially closed its doors on February 27.

The Unit was launched in 2009 to upgrade, redevelop and revitalise select low-income communities across Barbados and to provide solutions to the challenges of affordable housing and incremental home construction.

The remaining activities undertaken by the HNUP will now fall under the auspices of the Ministry of Housing, Lands and Rural Development. Persons who have queries regarding the Garden Land project may contact Nicole Johnson at 620-3632, while those who were receiving assistance through the Incremental Home Construction Programme (IHCP) should contact Nicole Griffith at 620-3630.

Additionally, applicants for the IHCP who have not received approval, but have submitted the required documentation are being asked to contact Nicole Griffith to make arrangements to retrieve their documents.

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