Business leaders in the public and private sectors will soon form part of a National Labour Market Survey being conducted by the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development (HRD), in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour.??????

It will begin next Monday, May 21, and according to Programme Coordinator of the Barbados HRD Strategy, David Worrell, the findings will be used to inform the Human Resource Development Advisory Council (HRDAC) on areas of importance to business leaders and to assist in the formulation of a human resource development policy framework for Barbados.

"The objectives of this survey are to acquire feedback on the training, skills and attributes that employers consider to be most important and the qualifications needed within organisations and industries; identify areas of human resource management and development of importance to employers; locate gaps in market needs; identify currently available resources; and prioritise areas of HRD for Barbados," Mr. Worrell outlined.

According to the Ministry official, the survey was estimated to take approximately 14 weeks.?? It will target large, medium and micro enterprises in the private sector and include chief executive officers, general managers, HR Managers and Directors and heads of representative organisations. Some 175 respondents will be targeted through face-to-face interviews and the survey will be undertaken by Systems Consulting Limited, a local Information Technology and Management Consulting company.??????????????????????

"In the public sector, the survey will target government ministries and major departments, while in the private sector, representatives of all the major business sectors such as agriculture, construction, financial services, hospitality, international transport, manufacturing, utilities, and retail and distribution will be included," Mr. Worrell said.??

The HRD Advisory Council was established to advise the Minister with responsibility for HRD on the formulation of a human resource development policy framework and to conceptualise a national vision for the development of local human resources.??

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