As the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development forges ahead with its plans to cater to the island???s personnel development needs, Education Minister Ronald Jones, has disclosed that his Ministry will soon be establishing a Human Resource Development Committee.

According to Mr. Jones, the committee should be set up within another few weeks and will comprise nine to 11 persons, including those currently involved in the discipline. ???We have approved a post for a Human Resource Development official, which will be advertised shortly,??? he said.

The Education Minister explained that the emphasis of the committee would be on identifying the strategic human resource development needs of Barbados.

???The focus of the committee will be on how we can input the relevant training at all levels of the society???It goes beyond the scope of education but, also deals with the identification of local developmental needs,??? he pointed out.

Minister Jones explained that the training would take place ???across the board???. and would involve both the public and private sectors.

???Training will be in the kinds of skill sets Barbados needs to go forward. This will involve areas such as software development, musical and cultural industry, sports management and coastal management,??? the Education Minister outlined.


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