Members of Double Laugh Productions performing a skit entitled: Human Trafficking – Know the Signs at Sheraton , today. (A. Reid/BGIS)

Shoppers at Sheraton Mall and Sky Mall received valuable information on human trafficking today when the National Task Force Against Trafficking in Persons brought awareness to this global problem.

Members of the task force hosted the two outreach activities, which involved the distribution of memorabilia and brochures. In addition, a team from Double Laugh Productions performed a riveting skit at Sheraton, entitled: Human Trafficking – Know the Signs.

Station Sergeant in charge of the Sex Crimes and Human Trafficking Unit of the Barbados Police Service, Veronica Shepherd-Whitney, stressed the importance of the sensitisation and awareness programme, as she noted that Barbados was a signatory to the protocol against trafficking in persons.

Station Sergeant Shepherd-Whitney explained that the awareness programme was part of the task force’s national action plan.

When asked about human trafficking in Barbados, she stated: “I would not say that it is not … present because we have two cases pending.  But we have to be mindful, from the law enforcement perspective, it is an offence that we have to look for….

“It is there, but you have to search for it and that is all part of the law enforcement process. We work in collaboration with the Immigration Department because it is also a border crime; persons can come from overseas and [be] trafficked in Barbados,” she pointed out.

Barbados will join countries across the globe to observe World Day Against Trafficking in Persons on Saturday, July 30, under the theme: Use and Abuse of Technology.

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