Some 40 frontline personnel from several government departments and key non-governmental agencies will be better equipped to detect aspects of human trafficking after they undergo an extensive training workshop.

The Bureau of Gender Affairs, in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, under the aegis of the Trafficking in Persons National Task Force, will be hosting the workshop, which will be facilitated by the United States Government. It will be held from next Monday, September 10, to Wednesday, September 12, at the Shell Suite, University of the West Indies, commencing at 9:00 a.m.

According to an official at the Bureau, "the training is aimed at increasing [Government’s] ability to prosecute human traffickers and to provide protection and assistance to victims in accordance with the National Work Plan for the Prevention of Trafficking in Persons".

The official explained that the workshop will be an important initiative in fully implementing the National Work Plan, "which is aimed at helping Barbados reach the minimum standards required to meet its national and international obligations in protecting victims and preventing the trafficking in persons".

Some of the topics to be discussed during the three days are: The Challenges of Successfully Investigating a Trafficking in Persons Case, A Victim Centred Approach, Trafficking Laws: Prosecution of Trafficking Offences Under Barbados’ Legal Framework, Corroborating Victims’ Statements: Preserving Evidence, and Proactively Combatting Trafficking in Persons.

Participants are also expected to review and create a Task Force Protocol.

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