Students from primary schools across Barbados will have an opportunity to win prizes through their participation in the I Pledge programme, one of the initiatives for Barbados??? 50th Anniversary of Independence celebrations.

The I Pledge Corner Schools??? Competition was launched on Wednesday at the Seventh-day Adventist School, Dalkeith, St. Michael, during a brief ceremony at which the Commemorative Broken Trident was present.

The competition aims to engage the younger population in the ongoing I Pledge programme, which was designed to encourage Barbadians to make and execute pledges in an effort to make Barbados a better country. Students will be required to find creative ways to display their pledges in a designated corner within their school.

Deputy Head of the 50th Anniversary of Independence Coordinating Committee, Senator Dr. Esther Byer Suckoo, encouraged the children to participate in the competition, but stressed the importance of adhering to any pledge which they made.

She emphasised that a pledge was ???a very solemn promise??? and urged the students to go beyond simply writing words in the Pledge Book, but rather, to put their pledges into practice.

???As we launch the I Pledge Corner, you are promising that you will be faithful to Barbados. You are promising that wherever you go you will be loyal to Barbados.

???The National Pledge says that ???by my living??? ??? by whatever I do, I will be a credit to my nation. So, you are promising loyally that you will obey the laws of Barbados,??? Senator Byer Suckoo pointed out.

The Competition will end in October, with the winning schools being announced in November.

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