Wife of Prime Minister David Thompson,??Mara Thompson, addressing the re-launch of the Ilaro Court Foundation.??

The Ilaro Court Foundation, which was founded in 1995, was recently re-launched under the patronage of Mrs. Mara Thompson, wife of Prime Minister David Thompson.

Speaking at the re-launch at Ilaro Court, Mrs. Thompson explained that the revived Foundation would assist with the general upkeep of the Ilaro Court Property, and would continue to promote art generally, and fine arts, in particular.

"We already have plans for sponsoring the National Youth Orchestra and holding art exhibitions on these grounds on a regular basis," she revealed.??

She added that the Foundation would also seek to establish Ilaro Court as "the symbol of a Better Barbados, characterised by justice, equity, tenacity, love of the arts, and the enjoyment of the best that Barbados has to offer, for the citizens and residents of Barbados".

Mrs. Thompson outlined plans to promote the Ilaro Court Foundation through the publication of a magazine written by Professor Henry Fraser, with photographs by Ronnie Carrington, Alric Gaskin and Mike Toy.

In addition to the patron, members of the new-look committee are: Faye-Wharton Parris, chairman; Debbie Simpson, Wendy Bishop, Professor Henry Fraser, Adrian Christie, Cranston Browne, Annette Bowen (Executive Assistant at Ilaro Court), and the Permanent Secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister, who will seek to facilitate the work of the committee, vis-??-vis its interface with central government.


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