Persons travelling and planning to bring in meat or animal products are reminded that they must first obtain a permit for importation from the Veterinary Services Department of the Ministry of Agriculture.

According to Laboratory Technologist, ??Heather Hall, "Meat and meat products in their original commercial packaging may be brought from the USA, Puerto Rico, Canada and the United Kingdom.?? However, commercially packaged cooked poultry products are allowed from the Caribbean."

Meat and meat products would include: fresh, frozen or chilled cuts of meat or poultry; processed meats including hams, sausages, bacon, hot dogs, hamburgers, canned hams and other meats, as well as pastries containing meat filling, including meat patties, meat rolls, rotis, etc.

Applications for permits can be made at the Veterinary Services office in the Pine, St. Michael. ??Further information may be obtained from the Veterinary Services pages of the Ministry of Agriculture’s website at

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