The Ministry of Health wants to improve the programmes and services offered by the various Polyclinics and nursing homes across the island.

This was stated by Minister of Health, John Boyce, following a tour of the St. Philip District Hospital, Fredricia???s Senior Citizen???s Home and the Love and Care Nursing Home recently.

Pointing out that over the years, thousands of Barbadians had benefited from the programmes being offered at the health care facilities, he said that there was a need to integrate certain aspects of the health care packages and to make them more efficient.

However, he added that before any health care programmes could be integrated, it must first be determined whether or not the Polyclinics were operating at a high standard and giving clients ???the best possible care???.

Following a tour of Fredricia???s Senior Citizen???s Home and the Love and Care Nursing Home, which are part of the Alternate Health Care Programme, he said that he was pleased with the development of the Programme to date.

???Certainly, it is a business which is very challenging, and it brings with it special demands. For me personally, it is very sobering to see the programme in action and to see the satisfied clients,??? he noted.

The Alternate Health Care programme is a government initiative which enlists the service of various private nursing homes for elderly citizens who cannot afford to care for themselves. Tours of other health care facilities are planned for the coming weeks.

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