There will be no in-office visits to the Labour Department, located at the Warrens Office Complex, until Thursday, January 14. (FP)

The Ministry of Labour and Social Partnership Relations has advised that in-office visits to the Labour Department have been suspended until Thursday, January 14.

Employers and employees seeking to have concerns addressed may contact the following persons: 

  • Chief Labour Officer (Ag) Claudette Hope-Greenidge at 535-1504 or 836-1504
  • Deputy Chief Labour Officer (Ag) Linda Bowen at 535-1505 or 836-1505. 

Email queries may also be forwarded to

Concerns on employment relations matters, for example leave procedures, employment rights and working time, are to be directed to:

  • Senior Labour Officer (Ag.) Judamay Williams-Bryan at 535-1510 or 835-1510
  • Labour Officers at: 535-1506 to 535-1509; 832-0534 to 832-0538; 535-1511 to 535-1512; 535-1526, 535-1533, 535-1566, and 832-0477 to 832-0479.

Clients seeking information on Occupational Safety and Health matters are asked to contact the Safety and Health Officers via the Senior Safety and Health Officer, Alison Elcock at 535-1513 or 826-1513.  

Related email queries may be forwarded to

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