Companies are once again being urged to include a cultural space when renovating their properties, or constructing new buildings.

Making this appeal was Minister of Sports, Culture and Youth, Stephen Lashley, as he lauded the Central Bank of Barbados for answering the call with the development of Church Village Green.

His comments came during the opening ceremony for Church Village Green, which was held last Saturday. Mr. Lashley noted that: ???within the soon- to-be proclaimed Cultural Industries Development Act, we have included generous incentives to encourage such a development???.

The Minister pointed out that the establishment of green spaces, which was being labelled as Creative Space Making in international communities, was significant to the communities within which they lie.??

???Green spaces such as this Park, Queens Park and the Constitution River provide recreational use: a place to play, meditate, gather, or rest. This Park and indeed the Constitution River provide the opportunity for persons after leaving work to remain in the city and relax and for families to visit on weekends??? This park, I’m sure, has the potential to foster a connection between the community and the natural environment that surrounds them, thus allowing for a more livable city,??? the Culture Minister stated.

Imploring residents of the surrounding communities to protect the park and ???not to let it fall into a state of disuse and disrepair???, Minister Lashley encouraged them to see the space as their own. ???It is the facilitation of creative patterns of activities and connections that define a place and support its ongoing evolution,??? he asserted.

???I see this space as a perfect venue for cultural practitioners whether they are involved in the visual arts or performing arts??? It is my desire to see that the green spaces within the city are adequately utilised for cultural activities and to see the city bustling with cultural activity. I can give you the assurance that my Ministry will continue to do everything possible for Bridgetown to regain its prominence as a cultural hub and to celebrate its cultural heritage,??? Minister Lashley affirmed.

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