The Ministry of Energy has advised that the price of gas products will see an increase effective midnight on Sunday, March 16.

The retail price of gasoline, diesel and kerosene, respectively, will be adjusted from: $3.14 to $3.18 per litre, an increase of four cents; $2.82 to $2.87 per litre, an increase of five cents; and $1.84 to $1.85 per litre, an increase of one cent.

In the case of liquid petroleum gas (LPG), the retail price will be increased from: $184.74 to $194.01, per 100-lb cylinder; $51.28 to $53.60, per 25-lb cylinder; and $45.29 to $47.33 for the 22-lb cylinder. The 20-lb cylinder will see an increase from $401.18 to $43.03.

This represents adjustments of $9.27, $2.32, $2.04 and $1.85, respectively.

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