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Barbadians are being advised to take better care of the animals in their charge.

This advice has come from Terernce Mayers of the Food and Agriculture Organization and lecturer in Animal Care at the Barbados Community College (BCC).

He said: "It is all very much interrelated. The animal is in your care; therefore, you are supposed to provide certain things under the law to ensure your animal has the quality of life that it should."

Speaking about the status of animal care in Barbados, he added, "There are many laws and regulations governing animal care. The problem has been the enforcement."?? With that in mind, he noted, the BCC course aimed to increase the overall knowledge of the public so individuals could encourage neighbours and persons around them to "do the right thing".

Participants of the pilot course included animal control personnel from the Ministry of Health, two police officers, one representative from the Prison Service’s Canine Unit and a few members of the public.

The manual, titled "The Animal Control, Dog Care and Welfare Course" covers Acts and Legislations, choosing a dog, the building of kennels, how a dog should be trained, sanitation and zoonotic diseases.

Mr. Mayers added: "We’re trying to teach everyone the basics and hope that generates enough interest that they will pursue more of it and bring others on board. We’re trying to change what we culturally think is correct, which is extremely wrong".


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