The Barbados National Standards Institution (BNSI) is seeking to increase energy efficiency in the residential sector by introducing energy efficiency labels and standards for major electrical household appliances, lighting equipment and other electrical household products.

Chief Technical Officer (Specifications), Fabian Scott at the BNSI disclosed that by implementing a Barbados Energy Labelling Programme, the introduction of labels would enable consumers to make informed purchase decisions. He added that enforcing standards would prevent inefficient equipment from being imported.

Noting that energy efficient standards and labels contributed to energy saving, the Chief Technical Officer pointed out that households, particularly those in the lower income bracket, commerce, industry and the public sector would ???stand to benefit from lower electricity bills???.

He said: ??????At the same time, the country would benefit from lower fossil fuel imports, as a reduction in the burning of fossil fuels would contribute to environmental protection and climate change mitigation.???

Mr. Scott also revealed that the BNSI, its partners, other interested stakeholders policy makers, importers and retailers of electrical equipment were working towards the following objectives: increasing knowledge of energy efficiency with respect to domestic appliances; and development of the necessary standards, policies and legislation and equipping the relevant institutions with the capacities to implement the standards.

The programme aims to raise awareness about energy efficiency among the general public as well as to educate consumers about energy efficiency labels and their implications.

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